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PortoBay - Loyalty Programme

PortoBay Hotels & Resorts, a highly acclaimed hotel operator in Portugal, faced challenges with an aging customer base and the opening of city center hotels catering to a different clientele. Fullsix helped redefine their loyalty program, including positioning, offer, and tech stack. Implementation of Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and other tools enabled personalized and scalable communication. The results were impressive, with significant improvements in newsletter marketing metrics, a 5% increase in sales through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a 10% boost in buying frequency, and a 20% rise in average order value.

The Challenge

PortoBay Hotels & Resorts is one of Portugal’s most awarded hotel operators. The group currently owns over 15 hotels, located in Portugal (Madeira, Lisbon, Porto, Algarve) and Brazil. All the hotels have different concepts, but are similar in terms of quality, and all carry the guarantee of the PortoBay brand.

PortoBay has a very loyal customer base, most of whom are part of their loyalty program Prestige. This has resulted in very high occupation rates and % of return customers. Two trends are posing a challenge: an ageing customer base and the opening of hotels in city centers, with a different type of client profile than the classic holiday/resort segment.

The time had come to rethink the loyalty program, not only in terms of positioning and offer, but also in terms of tech stack and journey orchestration. Current customer data and tech stack did not allow for personalized and scalable communication and offers.  

The Solution

Fullsix has helped PortoBay to: 

  • Redefine value proposition of the loyalty program. 
  • Revamp imagery and tone of voice. 
  • Definition of all required customer data. 
  • Identify current and ideal information architecture. 
  • Implementation of necessary techs stack: Salesfore CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Loyalty Engine, Voucher Engine, Site, Customer App. 
  • Training of client teams in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and journey building. 

The Results

Opening rates and CTR

++ Huge uptick

Email MKT campaigns

++ Open rate

Extra Campaign

Open rate grew 107%

Extra Campaign

Click to rate, grew 959%.