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Marketing Automation & CRM

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Our team defines Automation marketing strategies, which help companies develop and implement this strategies, that will present to the customer/lead an offer they need at the right time of their journey.

Marketing Automation: What is it and what are the main benefits?

Today, one of the biggest challenges for marketing teams is to identify the best time to interact in a relevant way with a customer or lead, at different moments and channels in their consumer journey.

With this fragmentation of customer/lead behavior, Marketing Automation Solutions play a key role in the digital strategy of any organization that aspires to take advantage of all the opportunities and challenges that digital transformation has brought to companies’ daily lives. These solutions consist of a set of tools designed to rationalize, simplify, automate and generate the ability to scale the strategy and execution defined by the marketing teams.
From automating the process of acquiring and qualifying leads to creating campaigns on multiple digital channels simultaneously.

A Marketing Automation solution allows you to implement a digital marketing strategy quickly, comprehensively and automatically, designing a campaign that can be distributed via emails, sms’s, push notifications to apps, georeferencing and artificial intelligence in order to present it to the customer/lead the offer he seeks at the most opportune moment.
With these capabilities, the results also scale and accelerate the speed of growth of organizations.

Our team defines marketing automation strategies that help companies unleash the full potential of value that exists in their respective markets, as well as increase the productivity of their resources, driving revenue and ROI, in addition to providing more time for marketing focus on growing your business.

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